7 Amazing Recipes to make on Holi

Holi is a festival of colour which is the synonym of love, faith, and divinity. This is because, according to the Hindu religious lore, the faith and divinity of bhakt Prahlad towards God Vishnu saved him from the bad deeds of his Aunt Holika.

No festival and celebration is complete without food. When we talk about any celebration, food always plays a pivotal role in expressing happiness and celebration.

Traditional Holi recipes have evolved into symbols of the occasion. From the delectable Gujiya to refreshing Thandai, assorted Chaats, timeless Kanji, and flavorful Kachoris, each dish carries a rich cultural heritage with it. As an admirer of Indian culinary traditions, I firmly believe that these recipes make the Holi more cheerful. I am a firm believer that every food tradition has a significant scientific methodology.

So, In this blog, I will talk about the science behind these recipes and the advantages of these traditional Holi delicacies, exploring their various forms and adaptations. Before I talk about these recipes, we have to understand some important facts about this colourful festival. This festival comes when winter is at its conclusion and summer is on the horizon. (according to the Hindu calendar it is the month of Phalgun ) Holi is being played with colors and water under the sky on a shiny day often for a longer duration. With a higher chances of getting the body dehydrated, to prevent dehydration, liquid food becomes a significant part of the Holi i.e. Kaanji & Thandaai.

Many people consume bhang which has cultural importance and now a days people also consume liquor (which is not good for the health). In that case, to improve gut health & digestion, probiotic food becomes part of the Holi menu. Yogurt-based Indian chaats are the best option for the celebration food. Kaanji is also a probiotic food.

Holi food is loaded with probiotics, which is good for gut health (as I earlier described) In this series of recipes, I will talk first about Kanji:

Kanji, a well-known Holi drink, is a probiotic drink made by fermentation of mustard seeds. It helps in liver detoxification and aids in digestion. An interesting fact about Kanji is that if someone consumes any colour while playing Holi, it can protect the liver from the harmful effects of those colors. So, in this manner, Kanji plays a double role in Holi. “Taste bhi health bhi.”

Yogurt, a probiotic-rich food, is excellent for your gut health. It contains a well-rounded mix of protein, fats, and carbs, making it an ideal choice before drinking alcohol. The protein in yogurt helps in slowing down digestion, which can reduce the impact of alcohol on your body. Furthermore, alcohol tends to dehydrate and lower blood sugar levels, but yogurt provides both proteins and carbs to help maintain stable blood sugar levels.

In general, it’s beneficial to include yogurt, whether regular, Greek, or unflavored, in your daily diet to maintain balance. If you’re lactose intolerant or aiming for weight loss, opt for unflavored Greek yogurt as a suitable alternative.

Holi is being celebrated with vibrant colors, finds a delicious reflection in our Indian cuisine, particularly in the colorful array of Indian chaats. The irresistible flavors of chaat perfectly complement the festive spirit of Holi. A single plate of chaat is a visual delight, bursting with a spectrum of hues that not only excite our taste buds but also treat our eyes to a colorful feast.

Dahi vada, a classic chaat, has been related to Holi traditions since ancient times, adding a timeless charm to the festivities. In today’s modern era, a variety of chaats have gained popularity, offering a diverse range of flavors and textures.

So, this Holi, indulge in the joy of chaat-making and relish the tongue-tickling flavors of your favorite chaat variety!

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Here are 7 amazing recipes that you must try on Holi:

1. Black Carrot Kanji

2. Kanji Bada

3. Steamed Dahi Bhalla/ Vada

This is my rendition of making Dahi Bhalla healthy, easy, quick, and full of dry fruits! This is a variation of conventional Dahi Bhalla in steamed form instead of deep fry making it healthy and yummy too.

Chutney recipes:

4. Dahi Papdi Nachos

5. Dal Pakwaan

6. Gujia

Whenever we think about Holi, the dessert that comes to our mind is gujiya – one of the popular and traditional North Indian sweets of a crisp, flaky pastry filled with a sweet khoya and dry fruit stuffing. Various stories of Gujia’s origin have been around for a long time. Some say it’s been inspired by samosas, while some say it originated from Turkey’s Baklava.
Gujiya is a very popular sweet during the festival. Its stuffing is made from mawa, sugar, dry fruits, and sometimes coconut. Due to its rich and heavy filling, it keeps your stomach full for a long time.

7. Khasta Kachori

Like Gujiya, khasta kachoris are also a popular dish of Holi because of their handy way of eating. To serve or eat kachoris, there is no need to establish a lengthy process of food serving like any other Indian food, which makes kachori more Holi-friendly, and you can make it before the occasion. The correct method of making can increase the storage life of kachori. You can serve the khasta kachori both hot and at average temperature.

Drinks/ Beverages:Β 

Thandai is an Indian cold drink prepared with many nuts in milk and sugar. It is said to cool the body and keep you energized. Its ingredients like rose petals, poppy seeds etc. make it unique. To know about other ingredients & procedure, pl. click on the link given in the blog.
Bhang Thandai is the most common variant of Thandai taken during Holi festivities.


Bhang is made from the buds, leaves, and flowers of the cannabis plant. The cannabis plant is considered to be one of the 5 divine plants according to the Atharvaveda. Bhang is usually added to Thandai, Gujiyas, and Pakoris.

On a lighter note, you wouldn’t be able to relish the taste of other Holi recipes if you had bhang :).

Enjoy all the Holi food! Always try to make food at home, especially on the occasion of Holi.
Play Holi with natural colors! Eat Well, Play Safe. Happy Holi!!

Here are some other must-try Holi recipes:

-Chef Ruchika Jain

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